1 Year

Someone once said that we should life each day as if it were the last day of our life.
In theory, gorgeous. In practice, impractical. 
Theory: We just don't know how much time we have. That's part of the thrill of living. So we should make the most of everyday, living a full life. I often say to myself, and others, you could be dead tomorrow, or next month, or next year, so do it now. It's not morbid; it's inspiring. I wanna go out in a blaze, on the path to doing what I really wanted to do, even if I didn't get to do all I wanted.
Practice: If you actually lived each day as the last, life would be an endless parade of goodbyes and running from debt because you know that student loans and credit cards (up to $10,000 with Mastercard!) are forgiven if you die.
Maybe instead of living each day as the last, you could live each year as the last. That way, you can keep your job. It has theory and practice.
If I knew that a year from now I would be dead, how would I live this year? I would travel any place I got the chance to go. I would wake up early and sleep in late (different days) and enjoy which ever one. I would practice guitar. I would finish my scrapbook. I would write more often in my journal. I would deliver baked goods to friends and neighbors. I would call my family more often. I'd give gifts with meaning behind them. I would chose to be alone less (sometimes, I'm just alone 'cause I'm lazy). I try harder to be spiritual. I probably wouldn't do some of the things I do. I wouldn't miss concerts I want to see or events I wanted to attend, saying that I'll do it some other time. I'd be nicer so I'd leave a good impression. 
The natural following to all I've said is, What's stopping me from doing these things now?
The cold, hard truth is, I really could be dead in a year and am I in a place (not heaven, but a nice beach so to speak) where I would feel proud of how I went out?
What about you?