When folks are asked how they feel close to God, or where they go to relax, or what they think is beautiful, many, if not all, answer Nature. Nature is sometimes the recovering addicts Higher Power. Thoreau went to Walden. Gurus sit on the tops of mountains. Very transcendental. Nature has inspired poets, prophets, lovers.
Nature impresses me. But it's not really me.
I submit to the jury that perhaps inspiration, relaxation, and meaning might also be found in human-made creations. Indeed, we may say that He who created Nature, inspired men and women to be mini-creators. The world is rich with innovation and creativity. I'm so thankful, really, that I've seen as much as I have. Humans have made the world so happily habitable. I heard an old Jewish proverb that said (and I will probably massacre it) that the purpose of life is to bring order to things. I think humankind has brought much order to the world, in good ways. I find it exciting. Below are some photos representative of those human-made creations that broaden my mind (in no particular order).
An artistic garden (like at Versailles).


Seeing organization.

Plays. And movies. Things that tell stories, illustrate points, connect people.



Beautiful food.

Beautiful interior design.

Traditions. And classy people.

Photography and fashion.

Degas in particular and art in general



The five most important people in my world (number six is my mom) with me.