Ty and Janie Tie the Knot!

I may have slept poorly because I was so excited. My brother Ty and new sis-in-law Janie got married. No one deserves this more than Ty. And the day was perfect.

The ceremony was short, meaningful, and effective in this life and the next. While waiting for the lovers, it was an excuse to mess around - what my family is great at. 

Between the ceremony and the luncheon we had to primp and refresh ourselves. We're ready for our close ups. 

My family is probably the most fun I have. Getting us to be still and shut up is a task and the photog was amazing. Mostly I love how much I love these people. 

Between the luncheon and reception we put the teens to work on the car. 
The reception gave us another amazing meal, a hot chocolate bar, and dancing. I enjoyed seeing lots of people I knew and wondering where Ty got all the friends, cuz there were A LOT of people there. 

And even with all the new and exciting changes Janie has brought and will bring, it's good to know that some things never change. 

Weekend Update 5.0

This is last weekend, but a worthy one none-the-less. Erin had a birthday brunch at the yummy (but slow) Faustina's and there were a lot more people there that who are pictured, and presumably some of them were taller. Natalie and I had Christmas with our mom (not pictured because she is the photographer). And I had a little brunch at my house on Sunday with some lovely friends.


Alterations by Peaches

My brother is getting married next weekend. My mom and I ordered dresses from a website that makes the dress in whatever color you need - perfect for weddings. We got the dresses and needed some alterations, namely a bust insert gave me what God had apparently forgotten and I looked ridiculous. My mom did some research and found a place that could do the job. I went in this morning.
I arrived just after opening (I have a job after all!) and was followed in by a woman with bleach blonde hair in her fifties, who I'd heard roughly talking to her husband outside in a voice like a smoke and an accent that told me she was not a Utah girl. Inside a slight woman said hello as I walked it. I wasn't sure if she worked there or was just friendly. She apologized for the stink (so she worked there). She'd been vacuuming and something had gone amiss. That's when the blonde woman, in a rather harsh tone, said "You blew out the motor!" The slight woman asked how she could help me so I explained the issue. She listened and then said, "Oh, that's for Peaches to do." (And why have I been explaining it to you?) Peaches was the harsh blonde. I explained things to Peaches.
She said, "Was your mother in here the other day?"
"I was thinking about you."
I smiled.
"I was hoping you wouldn't come in."
And drop smile.
While I tried on the dress to show her the issue a man came in and again diagnosed the vacuum motor problem, justifying the problem because it was from "Costcos." (Yes, that "s" is intentional. Apparently Costco is either a plural or it possesses something, perhaps the store?) And he kept saying it.
While I tried on the dress and took it off for some adjustment and tried it on again, the slight woman was apparently having a rough day. As I stood with them all, the silent witness to what I felt was a personal conversation, Peaches suggested to the woman, "You're really emotional. Why don't you just go home today?" She didn't seem particularly emotional to me. The man added, "Yeah, why don't you go home?"
We got the alterations planned and Peaches told me to come back on Monday for another fitting.
Should I come in the morning or after work?
"I'll call you when I want you."
The man gave his two bits. "Yeah, we'll call when we want to see you."
I was told to fill out a ticket with spaces for my name, address, number. The man said, "Fill this out with your name, number, address."
Like it says? (but I said that silently) And why did they need my address?
The man said, "We like to get paid up front."
"Should I run it debit or credit?"
Peaches squawked, "Credit! I don't run debit!'
Then she pointed out a stain. "You have a make up stain. If I touch it, it'll smudge all over. You have to take it to the dry cleaners. Ask for Paul."
The man had something to say about that too. "Yeah, go in there and they can get it out. If Paul's there say Peaches sent you. If they need to keep it we can get it for you. Actually, just asked for Paul. Those girls in the front don't know anything. Ask for Paul. And don't park on the street. People'll run you over. There's a parking lot."
Seriously? The make up stain was smaller than a dime and on the back of the dress near the neck line. I'm thinking, if it's smudge-able then why don't we just get a washcloth and do this old school? But I went to Paul.
I entered the establishment.
"Can I help you?"
Peaches told me to ask for Paul, I said.
What am I doing? I sound like I making a drug deal. Or I'm getting a tip on a racehorse. Or someone is selling me a kidney.
Paul was a big guy, cut from the same fabric (pun intended) as Peaches and her man. He was gruff and annoyed.
Peaches said you could get this out.
"It's really big."
Are you serious? (also silently)
"How long has it been in there?" It was like he'd was wondering how long the bullet had been festering or how long Beth had been running a fever before the girls called Marmie home.
He took it back and was gone for a rather long time. He returned dejected, but I couldn't see anything wrong.
"When I applied the cleaning it expanded and it left a ring. I'll have to send it through the machine to get it out."
A ring? You mean the barely perceptible hint of slightly darker material in kind of a ring-like formation? No problem. Peaches won't know you gave me another option. And Peaches didn't.
I had to run to the post office as well and, wouldn't you know it, her man came walking in a few minutes after me.
"I should have had you do this," he quipped loudly from across the room.
I gave a courtesy laugh.
"I'm the gopher," he yelled. "I'm retired. I don't even get paid but she's my wife so.... But I still make more money than she does!"
This is not my life. Where did these people come from? And how did I end up near them?
I guess I see Peaches Monday. Or whenever Peaches wants to see me.

Addendum: Here is probably the best photo of the dress so now you have a visual.

*Peaches is not her real name. But her name gives off the same odd vibe as Peaches. It's just such a unique name that I didn't feel I could write it. But I really did go to Paul.


"New Year's Eve. Almost midnight. You're not here for me to hold." -Truman

That's what the band said and I love that song.

Miss J and Steph and I rang in the New Year at my soon-to-be sister-in-law Janie's house, with my brother - obviously - and some other friends. 

New Year's day brought nostaglia as I got together with high school friends for our annual soiree. It is a great beginning. 
I adore goal setting. In fact, goal setting is probably the best thing for me when I am feeling blue. It gives a sense of control and direction. I set goals twice a year - once at New Years and once around my birthday, which happens to be perfectly placed in July (another of my perfections).

From July, I've already made good progress. I ate seafood (only twice but that's progress), I'm definitely better at owning mistakes and dissenting, I'm more financially generous, and I joined the bone marrow registry. I'm still working on the others.

Bravery and courage are still my overall focus and I'm finding that I relish the difficult and stretching.
Milla gave me this for Christmas. I wear it often as a sort of talisman and as a reminder to be brave. Usually though, I hear Dan Radcliffe/Harry Potter's voice from the fourth movie saying, "Be brave, professor! Be brave like my mother!"

I want to talk with people I know, even slightly, in public places like the grocery store. Usually, like most people, I pretend I don't know someone because I can be a wimp. 

I will create the book of my father's mission finally. It's been years in the making. 

I'll quit my job. And start a new one. 

I will call people more instead of texting. Let's make more human contacts. 

I'll eat at least two fruits or veggies a day. It's brave to admit that the goal is required. And to offer myself to the judgment of others who might consider two a number that should not be so difficult, but it is. 

In NYC we wrote our hopes and dreams on a bit of confetti to be dropped over Times Square. Here's hoping.

Christmas 2013 in NYC

We rebelled for Christmas and ran away for a while. It would seem we were not alone because apparently the entire world converges on NYC during Christmas. For a city I've only been to a few times it is amazing how much of my everyday cultural life comes from it. I was shocked as we drove around that I could come up with song after quote after story that takes place within an hour of the city, much to my sister's dismay. For example, every time we passed a sign that said White Plains I broke out into "New Rochelle... or maybe White Plains... no, New Rochelle! New Rochelle! That's the place that the mansion will be!" (It's from How to Succeed... in cases you did not know.) We started at West Point for Christmas Eve and Day and spent the rest of the week in the city, seeing five shows, numerous sites, and making decisions on a whim.
Never were two people more excited to stay up all night, thanks to the lovely sickos who coughed the entire flight, in order to start out on the great adventure. 

We made a few stops on the way to West Point. We saw the mansion at Lyndhurst and roamed the little town of Peekskill, the setting for The Facts of Life

We stayed at Thayer, a wonderful hotel on Post. One of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in and, for its beauty, one of the most reasonably priced. 

Freddie got us Christmas jammies. This might have made me very, very happy.

Christmas Eve we attended a service at the Cadet Chapel. Beautiful, Christ-centered, and fun. Restaurants were largely closed but we found a Hacienda to get some great Mexican food, and they let us take a photo behind their bar so that was rad. 

In the morning, which was very cold, we took photos around the Post. It was West Point that was the center of the Benedict Arnold issue - as commandant he offered it to the British.

We were focused on seeing shows! Peter and the Starcatcher, Newsies, After Midnight, Once, and Jersey Boys. My fav was prolly Once, but Jersey Boys comes in a close second. We got to meet Dule Hill (The West Wing, Psych) who is in After Midnight. 

We walked the High Line - a very long "park" built over former train tracks. 
We went off the beaten path to enjoy the Russian and Turkish baths... basically a variety of saunas (stone and wood and steam) and I love me a sauna. This alone made me envious of all who live in New York. Dear Everyone, go to this place. 

We ate at Fraunces Tavern, which -among other important events - was where Washington dismissed the troops after the Revolutionary Way. Great ambiance, good food, and a museum - it's like they knew I was coming. 

We visited Wall Street, the site of Washington's inauguration, and the World Trade Center memorial. 

We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on a very rainy day. Since my knowledge of art is basically maxed out with Impressionists we stuck to that section. They had a very nice collection with a sufficient amount of Degas. Oh, look, there we are with Degas himself. 

We enjoyed the city as a whole. We climbed on the [dry] Bethesda fountain, walked in (and directly out of) the Plaza, pushed passed people on the Brooklyn Bridge, and relaxed at my friend Bonnie's apartment (shout out and thanks to her for letting us crash there). 
Until next time.