I do not like it. Bella is whiny, entitled. Edward is broody. Also it's poorly written. Like, with people starving and such, the problems in these books are hardly relevant. Also, the titles don't seem -- as far as I can tell -- to correlate with the story-lines. I read Twilight and the first chapter of New Moon, but stopped because Bella was so freakin' annoying. I say if your boyfriend wants to throw you a birthday party, be grateful, shut up and at least pretend that you like it. My goodness. Twilight the movie was entertaining because it was so awful. I laughed and laughed -- oh the cheese! So bad, so bad. I could go on and on.
But I've changed my mind. I. Love. New. Moon.
One word: Jacob. Free association. Umm... Jacob, hot. (But let's go on.) Has a personality, umm, doesn't make stupid breathing noises, doesn't talk about dying without someone, tan, can go on living, is Bella's chronological peer, can fix things, has a life.
Other things I liked: Alice's scarf as she drives a sports car, that there was less Edward, the longs spiel Jessica gives about leprosy and consumerism*, the makeup, that there was less Edward, that there was Jacob, that there was Jacob, that there was less Edward, that there was Jacob, that Bella got rejected a little more and was therefore a little more grateful, the cool scene with all the red (beautiful) in "Italy", that they pointed out that Edward is disturbingly old for Bella, that there was less Edward, that Jacob and Bella didn't have a 24/7 DTR like some folks do, that there was Jacob, the wardrobe, the cool part where Bella gets thrown against the wall and Jasper takes a hit to the wall too, and finally, that it was frankly a really fun movie.
I will now post the funniest lines:
"You give me everything just by breathing." - Edward
"You are the only reason to stay alive... if that's what I am." - Edward
"If this is about my soul, take it. I don't want it without you." - Bella to Edward
"It doesn't make sense for you to love me. I'm human, nothing." - Bella to Edward*
I have hated Twilight for as long as I can remember Twilight existing. And I still find fault with many things (if you couldn't tell). But, thanks to New Moon, I've found a lot of things I really like. I've seen the flick twice.... in one week. And I'd see it again. It was so so so fun to watch. And I find myself thinking about it and chatting about it.
Point: See it, enjoy it, laugh over it, then see it again.

* Blogger's note: Thank you, L-dawg, for finding this quote! "I dont know why you wanted to sit through al those zombies eating people. and no hot guys kissing. It's gross. I mean why are there so many zombie movies anyway? If its suppose to like draw a parallel with like leprosy, my cousin had leprosy, its not funny, ya know? And its suppose to be an awareness for consumerism? 'Cause dont be so pleased with your own like self over ritual clever-ness ya know? Like, some girls like to shop. Not all girls apparently. Even though I was surprised you called at all. Like your depression thing, I get it, like I'm totally totally worried. But after awhile itjust gets old. It's like im going through stuff too. Like Mike just wants us to be friends? It's hard!"
*Blogger's note: All quotes are from DTRs between Bella and Edward. Get rid of Edward = get rid of cheesy lines.
*Blogger's note: The photo is for Miss J and her fav scene.



I'm a church-going chick. What I got out of the messages today was that I need to detox. Someone mentioned songs with swearwords and I spent the rest of the class trying to get out a catchy, swearworded phrase from a song out of my head. That's not cool.
Sometimes I have this false belief that because something is produced it must be mainstream and normal. That's like saying that because a restaurant gives you a certain portion, that is how much you should eat.
I like noise. I like my music loud. I like to have a movie going when I clean. I hear the advice to take some time to meditate and I think to myself, like, what would I think about? I think I just don't know how to meditate, really. And I'm thinking I'm not alone.
I think that meditation is where good ideas sprout. I'm reminded of the story about the dude who discovered light/sound (one of..) waves. He watched the waves of a river and wondered about it and, viola, waves are totally in! I wonder what ideas I'm missing out on.
I'm always complaining that I don't have enough time and that I just don't have time for fun things like learning the guitar, or French, or how to cook. But really, sigh, I might just be using that time with media outlets that are totally non-inspiring.
So I deleted a lot of songs from my computer, committed to less TV, and I'm going to make a new effort to chill out and meditate.