Fav Musicals: an update

Warning: This post is probably for my own use for than for any type of audience.

So back in 2007 I wrote a post about the best musicals of all time. All time? I was a stupid, silly 24 year old. I'd like to amend that and say that I have a few new musicals to add to the list, away from the Rogers and Hammerstein fantasy world I apparently lived in. I'm not going to be presumptuous enough to say "of all time" but I will say that the new list includes musicals that have had an impact on me either to make me think, or make me happy, or reveal some truth, or are beautiful, or are just fun. I put them in alphabetical order because I can't really put them in any other order.

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
In the Heights
Next to Normal
Songs for a New World
The Drowsy Chaperon
The Sound of Music (will always be on the list)

I'm very much into the music. There are some musicals that did not make the list because I truly, really only have the music. So, some of my favorite songs are as follow (and some are from plays included in the previous list) but y'all should def google them.

Brooklyn's Here (Newsies): harmonies are killa
Endless Night (The Lion King): basically the prayer I pray whenever I'm down
Falling Slowly (Once): please someone sing this to me, so romantic but subtle
I'm Alive (Next to Normal): I think this is how our personal demons sound
I Believe in You (How to Succeed...): use this song to encourage myself
Naughty (Matilda): this song reminds me I'm in control of my own life
Suddenly Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors): a fun duet to sing
She's in Love (The Little Mermaid): another fun one, catchy tune
Sherry (Jersey Boys): listen to this getting ready for a night out when you look good
Superboy and the Invisible Girl (Next to Normal): what it feels like to be overlooked
There's a Fine, Fine Line (Avenue Q): a less pathetic look at unrequited love
The I Love You Song (25th Annual...): for a fun show, this is a deep song about parents
Who Will Love Me as I Am (Side Show): the song I sing to myself when I'm down about love


So, what's new?

General Conference weekend was family and faith filled. Twice a year I combined the two things that mean the most to me. In between sessions we inducted the children into the world of the put-as-much-sweetness-on-a-crepe world that the rest of us know and love. After the sessions we ate raclette and just laughed and talked and played. 

I look forward every month to our Ladies Dinner Club where, in addition to a delicious Italian meal, we made our own vanilla. It was my first time ever buying alcohol - let's hope we didn't screw it up. 

Stake Women's Conference, Organ Loft for a silent film with Lisa, a walk in the park, babysitting Eve, and more walking with Jennica. I reflect often on the great and good people who just keep coming into my life. 

Enjoyed so much time with my family. When I am with them I am myself and I am happiest then. 

Did a little road-trippin' to the Happiest Place on Earth with Freddie. This is where I learned that caffeine actually does affect me (I didn't sleep but one hour one of the nights), that the character breakfast is totally worth it, and that you can see everything in two parks if you have people you can rely on to have stamina. I've only been on Small World once in my life because it is always out of commission when I go.. as it was during this trip. Some people really dug my Doctor Who shirt (it says "I heart heart DW") which was basically a test of who's in and who's not.