Wah-wah (horn blowing failure)

She had but one goal: to learn the name of a male in the congregation. The males were few in number and after six weeks, not one had emerged to proclaimed himself as one to possess an identity. In the after feast, she and her wing-woman sat at an empty table, inviting fate to give her what she wanted. Then they came. Tyler and Blake. Talkative, friendly, interested. And respectively 3 and 6. 


Things That I Love That I'm Thinking About

In the tradition of Mindy Kaling and Things That I Bought That I Love, I want to write about Things That I Love That I'm Thinking About. 
1. There is much incorrect grammar in the world. One concern of late are less versus fewer. I hear things like this: "There were less people there than before." It's atrocious. My ears are metaphorically bleeding. Fewer is used when you can count the thing, as in "I have few friends with incorrect grammar" or "There were fewer than 8 people at the party." Less is used when you can't count the things or it doesn't have a plural form, as in "Use less flour next time" or "It's just less of a hassle." Also let's make sure that "is" and "are" match up with the nouns. It's so embarrassing to come to the end of the sentence only to realize you said the wrong verb. For example "There is fifty people in the room." Eek. As an aside, I'm currently pondering on the word "friends" as a predicate adjective ("we are friends"). And I'm still confused on that versus which. But this I know: you've got to know how to use whom and the oxford comma is not dead.
2. I enjoy the writing of Orson Scott Card. So much I do. Why it took me so long to delve into his writing I can indeed say. I didn't have faith that he could continue to write well and come up with interesting plots, especially considering the sci-fi factor. Yet he has done this thing. He weaves a wonderful, complex, thought-provoking, human story. Also, his books make me feel smart - like I'm learning something. Also, he uses biblical references in clever ways and I feel like I'm in on some secret club because I get the reference.
3. I recommend the movie Midnight in Paris. Beautiful filming, fantastic script, unique story line. 
4. It's important to develop intellectually. We have the benefit of thousands of years of human history, exploration, experience, and discovery. Some topics aren't enriching; "boys and their idiocy" for example. I feel like that's x hours of my life I'll never get back. I've enjoyed meeting up with some old friends I rarely see and talking about what they are reading and thinking and feeling and I'm enriched after the chat because I've been able to steal a bit of their wisdom and add it to my own. We have so much to learn and so much possible growth that there is no reason to employ are intellect in less-than-worthy subjects.
5. At the same time, I'm so tired after work that it's all I can do to read the scriptures and gain an ounce of some original, Spirit-inspired thought. I'm not sure what to do about the problem of human weakness. If there was some way to tap into our potential without the restrictions of our own limits then we'd truly amount to something. For the time being I suppose we do what we can with what we have and rely on the promise that "we are laying of a foundation of great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great."
6. I don't think I'll ever be able to spell ridiculous the first time around. Oh wait, I just did. Miracle of miracles. Oh well, I still have the frequent misspellings of develop, commitment, and disappoint. 
7. I love three musicians. Dashboard Confessional, Ingrid Michaelson, and Adele. There must be something subconscious that resonates because I cannot articulate why listening to these three feels so right.
8. There is more to be gained by believing in the goodness of people than in skepticism. If anything, assuming nobility of intent is the more pleasant thought, especially when we are limited to how much we can make others bend to our will. Of course we'll sometimes be disappointed, but that will, I believe, be the exception and not the rule. 
To come full circle, I would recommend a perusal of Mindy Kaling's website and her new book, although this book might go against #4. No one can follow all their covinctions all the time. 


It's a Beautiful Day

I accomplished a grand total of none of my New Year's Resolutions from last year.
And moving on...
AKA 12 Goals for 2012
1. Whatever calling I get ('cause I just moved to a new house!), to really get into it, make time for it, and do it wholeheartedly -- kind of a with-all-your-heart-might-mind-and-strength objectives.
2. Hang out with my sister Marlisa more.
3. Do Saturday house projects for a while, like, until the house doesn't need it.
4. Work on family history - transcribing, temple worker.
5. Blog more often. Well-written/edited/coherent. And blog more about my beliefs. And probably print my blog in a book like I've been meaning to.
6. Learn how to do trauma work, which makes more sense if you're a therapist; so, all my therapist friends understand this item.
7. Be present with people.
8. Serve more often and it varied ways, like I really want to sign up to be a bone marrow donor and I just haven't gotten around to it.
9. Eat cookies (my insurance policy against not following through on anything like I didn't follow through last year).
10. Listen better (with more empathy) and make people beg for advice from me.
11. Learn to work my camera.
12. Be smarter. Just in general. Like, know more stuff.

Honorable mentions (stuff I might do, but the commitment isn't completely there)
1. Go abroad.
2. See Adele in concert - if she can do concerts.
3. Scrapbook, which means printing out photos into a book. I don't know; is this out of vogue? Can't history just look at my facebook page or my blog?

Here's hoping!