Star Struck No More

After being all too star-stuck, I finally got the photos (with my niece Lou) I'd been long dying for. After a game I had the chance to meet some of the Real players and, in this instance, I dared to talk to them. Note: this was after the game where Javier Morales busted his ankle -- eek.

Will Johnson
Kyle Beckerman
Nat Borchers
Chris Wingert


Blind Spot

When you are running, and even if it's 630 in the am and you haven't seen anyone for a while, always check your blind spot before you spit. Otherwise, a runner will come out of nowhere, determined to pass you by running in your spit spot. Lucky for you, you will be able to catch your spit in your hand.


Helpful Advice

I was perusing a not-to-be-named magazine when I happened upon an interested article explaining various physiological phenomena and what to do about them. I knew I must pass on this helpful advice.
If you get an ice cream headache, you should "slow down when you eat." For chattering teeth, "Get warm! Remove yourself from the cold, add clothing layers (including a hat and gloves) or wrap yourself in a blanket." What about when your stomach growls? "Eat at the first sign of hunger." Head rush when I stand up? "If such dizziness occurs frequently, stand up more slowly." I thought this was all pretty great advice but I had to disagree with the next bit of advice. For itches, the magazine recommended you "simply ignore the feeling to see if it goes away. The more you dwell on an itch, the more bothersome it is likely to be." If I had written this article, I'd had recommended just scratching the itch.
I hope that you have, as I have, received enlightenment about these daily predicaments which have, not doubt, been mysteries.