Tick Warning

If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They only want to see you naked. I wish I'd found out about this warning yesterday. I feel so stupid.


Guitar Hero

I did it. I bought a guitar. It's a Bullet Strat from Squier by Fender, if that means anything to you. It's really more of a seafoam than blue, like in this picture. I can play Ode to Joy and Yankee Doodle and the first two phrases of Fidelity. 


Venice Beach

Mixing work and pleasure Aisy and I had a blast in Venice Beach. (To hear her side of the story click here.) I learned a lot professionally and personally from Aisy. You should get to know her. We thought it was a good omen when Flo Rida finally came on the radio. The song, incredibly catchy and degrading, was the theme of the weekend. (Not that our weekend was catchy yet degrading but just that we sang the chorus of the song all weekend.) After driving around for a half hour, with Aisy stressin' and me just rockin' out, we finally found a parking space. Then we took a long walk to the beach. First stop: toilets. It was a laugh or cry situation. I laughed and Aisy got hit on. My stall had no toilet paper, something on the metal seat, and a used maxi pad on the floor mixed with toilet paper. We enjoyed the street performers and a little people-watching. Skaters, dancing roller-skaters, a drum jam session, and tumblers. One guy was hawking his rap CD by previewing it on a disc-man. It was pretty skillful and not holy. He was a little too touchy-feely but he had real PR. 
This is where Aisy introduced me to Mims "This is Why I'm Hot," with very intelligent lyrics (cough, cough). And I don't think bikinis should come in plus sizes.
The best part was the beach cruisers. We rode from Venice to Santa Monica with the beach on one side and a wonderful conglomeration of humans on the other. The air was warm and the wind was in our hair. Imagine a bike path over two miles long with that kind of atmosphere. Heaven on earth! We ain't got that where I am. 
I got asked where I would go for a weekend away. This may be the place. 


These are a few of my favorite things

If I were an authority on everything, then the following list would be valid. I expect disagreements, but what is a blog but for discussion? Also, I must point out that I made the list not after hours of thought, but in the moment; therefore, I reserve the right to change any part of the list without prior written or verbal notice. 
Best modern chick flick: You've Got Mail
Best classic film: Casa Blanca
Best P and P adaptation: BBC
Best Rogers and Hammerstein: The Sound of Music
Best actress: Emma Thompson
Best teen movie: She's the Man
Best book you are forced to read in high school: The Great Gatsby
Best dessert you don't know about: Arby's chocolate criossant
Best television show currently: Pushing Daisies
Best Disney character: Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, Briar Rose... it's all the same. Pink dress rocks.
Best color: pink
Best British movie you've probably never seen: Cold Comfort Farm 
Best television show of all time: Cosby Show
Best Judy Blume book(s): Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing, but I can read the Luckiest Girl over and over and over, and the same goes for Are You There God, It's Me Margaret. 
Best Harry Potter book: 5
Best looking movie (the way it's filmed): A Little Princess
Best college activity: anything at the Hari Krishna temple
Best hot chocolate: Seattle's Best Coffee, the cocoa trio
Best ride at Disneyland: Splash Mountain