A few of my favorite things... in no particular order

  1. Taylor Swift (which thing I would have never had supposed)
  2. Taylor Lautner
  3. Alicia Keys
  4. The Hollywood Tower of Terror
  5. Down comforters
  6. The Food Network (so relaxing)
  7. My beach cruiser
  8. My car
  9. My wallet
  10. The Black Apple
  11. President Monson
  12. Space heaters
  13. Hot chocolate
  14. My favorite movies (Step Up 2, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, Sense and Sensibility, She's the Man)
  15. Europe -- and my friends there (Anni, Hannu, Hannah, Hanna, Anne, Lea)
  16. Mani-pedis
  17. Thinking about what the future might hold
  18. The temple
  19. The theatre
  20. Josh Groban and Michael Buble

Fortunately -Unfortunately

Fortunately there was a massive sale at Ikea - wine flutes for $.25 each! I got 16.
Unfortunately I locked my keys in my car.
Fortunately I have AAA.
Unfortunately my phone died mid-call.
Fortunately Ikea had a courtesy phone.
Unfortunately the new AAA lady was not very friendly.
Fortunately there were couches and an Ikea catalogue to entertain myself.
Unfortunately once the locksmith got there it was blasted cold outside.
Fortunately the care opened relatively quickly.
Unfortunately I did not feel like exercising any more (the original after-Ikea plan).
Fortunately I had received the Hannah Montana movie from K and Amber so I watched it instead.


Let's review. Last year I said I would:

1. Be healthy.
2. Fall in love.
3. Get to Germany and Paris. Failure is not an option.
4. Be more thoughtful.
5. More family time.
6. Buy a bike.
7. Take advice.

I was healthier. I joined my community gym and went fairly often. I can run for a half hour (of course it is at the same pace I walk but it's progress).
I fell in love! Of course I did not fall in love with a romantic partner as was my intention. I did fall in love with beach cruisers, HSM 3, California Adventure, New Moon, Modern Family, blonde hair, my new roommate Jennica (in a non Broke-Back way), partying even more, farmer's markets, a couple hot chocolate places, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books, and I met the D'Orsay.
I did get to Paris and Germany. And Austria. And Toronto. And California. It was a good year for travel.
I'm not sure I was more thoughtful. I'll have to think about it.
I did spend more time with my family, I think. A lot of it, sadly, was due to my father's death. I think we all realized how important we are to each other just a little more. My family had it's up and downs working through my dad's death, but on the whole, I think we did a stellar job. Everyone still loves each other, we may even love each other more.
Bike. Check. Next time I make this resolution, however, I will resolve to get gears. Still I love my little beach cruiser.
Take advice. This did not go so well. I read the magazines but did no follow through. I got a drill for Christmas - maybe that will change something.


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Friends are just the best ever.
Erika, Leah, Karina, me (yes, I'm blonde), and Heidi