So, July so far has brought my birthday and a concert with friends. Enjoy the photos!
I share a birthday with my niece, Gracie, so I spent my big day with her on her big day.
For my birthday, I had a black and white party. Everyone dressed in black and white. We ate food (including marble cake) and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's.
High School chums - Jen, me, Steph, and Haley
Kari, Christina, Tina, and Krista
Steve, Kate, me, and Braden
Rhiannon and Amy
Amy and Marta
Krystel, Kailee, and Christina
We went to see Secondhand Serenade with a bunch of friends. Good times!
The group. We took this photo for our upcoming album. We call ourselves "Album Cover/ Band Photo," but you can call us what our fans do - AC/BP.