Who are you?

I've got this fairly new contraption on the side of the blog (it's on the left). And it tells me where everyone who visits the blog lives (theorectically). Who are you visiting my blog? Please let a comment to let me know who you are and where you are from.



I was talking with Oli and I don't exactly remember what he said but it was something to the effect of, "Don't forget that you can really make a difference in someone's life." I think I've forgotten this a bit and that's caused me to be ho-hum about my work. So today I really tried. I mean I really tried to care. I tried to be interested. Tried to be excited. Tried to give them a little part of me. And I think it worked out pretty well.
I pulled out old thank you notes from past clients -- to remind myself that I have made a difference before -- and posted them where I can see them often. And then, tender mercy, two parents expressed extreme and passionate thanks to me. It was odd, but made me happy. And I had really positive interactions with clients where I thought, "Hey, they are a little happier after chillin' with me."
Tonight I got a note from a friend just saying how much she values me. It really made me happy. And everything she said was true -- well, I mean, she said that she appreciates how excited I am about stuff and it's true because I just feel so excited around her. She is really fun and I don't exactly know why but I think she is swell and I'm super stoked when ever I see her.
And also, I was talking with The Blur, who is one of my bestest friends ever, and she expressed appreciation and how she values our friendship and that was the cherry on top. can I just put in a plug for The Blur at this juncture in the blog. I can become obsessive. She laughs at my dumb jokes. She makes me feel like a million bucks. She's adventurous and daring. She is a hard worker who gives 1,000,000% (yes, that's a million) in everything she does. Also, she is hot (no, like really, really good looking -- so men, let me know and I'll see if you measure up), which a person ought it be if they possibly can.
I feel like as I've tried today, Heavenly Father has rewarded me many times over -- as is His style. So, because everyone else has already said it, I say thanks, because I got a couple few blessings too -- most are people. I hope you know who you are. I hope I've made sure you know who you are. I'm gonna make sure you know who you are.


A Serious and Critical Critique

The boys sounded great live. I was surprised to learn that they have done the bulk of their musical repertoire post MMMBop. I had expected for them to stick to the first album (what I know), but they played much more. Their sound is much more indie, folksy, blues. I think that they are appealing to a whole near demographic than in those MMMBop days. BTW, they've been performing for 13 years!!!
Taylor is still just as hot. And is it weird that his wedding ring is a turn on because it means he's faithful and kind of classy?
Passion and on-tune!
It was odd, it must be admitted, that he had his back to his brothers the whole time.
Look! It's the Queen (who never blogs)! This was her last hurrah before she upped and got hitched!
One last bit of information: Zack did not seem very into it. It's like he's just doing because he always does it and he'd rather be watching football.



Heart attacks, terrorists, fires -- all pale in comparison to an aquatic or spill emergency. Luckily, our paper towel dispensers have emergency functions.