The Night Routine

So I promise myself on a daily basis that I will go to bed earlier, due to the daily hangover that greets me every morning. But I don't. At night I putter around. I do this and that. Check Facebook, email, and my friends' blogs. Then I have to chat with the roommates, get a bite to eat, wash my face, check everything online again, read a little, brush my teeth. Finally I go to sleep, promising myself to do better the next day.


Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July most people go to parades. I was IN one! Miss J works for the local Uni and Kate and I volunteered to pass out candy and tattoos with her. This car holds the land record for El Caminos -- sweet.
Once we were out of stuff Miss J and I rode, but not Kate. No Kate got commitments from small children that they will go to university. And she inspired adults that it's "not too late."
Yum! Lunch on the Uni and time with super fun new friends!
Every year LaVell Edward's Stadium becomes the Stadium of Fire (cue cheesy music). On a spur-of-the-moment decision Stranilla and I bought tickets off this 70-something "scalper." The show featured Glen Beck and SheDaisy and... The Jonas Brothers!
Kevin Jonas
Joe Jonas -- of whom I later dreamed.
And finally, Nick Jonas.
After shakin' like we just don't care, singing along to S.O.S, Burning Up, Paranoid, Year 3000 (trippy lyrics) and LoveBug, the fireworks began. Ooo, ahhh. Delightful.

Real Salt Lake

I generally don't like team sports. Baseball and football are too slow. Basketball just isn't interesting too me. But soccer. Soccer's sweet. A couple of weeks ago I got to go to a Real Salt Lake game at the new Rio Tinto Stadium. I sat next to my niece in some pretty sweet seats.

The RSL team on the bench.
My niece shook her drink then looked at me in surprise when it spilled all over her. The bathroom I was directed to was actually a locker room. My niece was having way to much instead of cleaning herself up. I used the time to take random photos of myself.
The team played Toronto and won 3-0. I guess I'm good luck. ;)