Mr. A to Z

This weekend CJ and I took the trek to Boise (Nampa) Idaho to partake in the wonder that is Jason Mraz. We were not disappointed.
Oh, the anticipation.
Can you feel what we were feeling? He sang all the Jason standards. Personal favs "You and I," Beautiful Mess" and "Lucky."
Here's Jason on the screen. Our seats were pretty sweet. The big projector helped, though, to capture every moment more fully.
After about an hour of music Jason was done. He came back for no encore despite a lot of cheering. The lights went out. Disappointment filled our hearts. Then, suddenly from behind us we heard music. we left our seats and go very close as we watched from this smaller venue. Bliss.


New Blog

This blog is kind of like my journal or my scrapbook. And I really love it. But it's personal and really only appeals to people who know me, or friends or friends (sometimes) or creepy voyeurs. So I've made another blog, a more anonymous blog, that is just information -- not journaling or personal photos. Check it out at somethinghrh.blogspot.com.


Millions of Peaches

Saturdays are special days. And so are Fridays. One Friday my mom and I went up to my grandma's to can peaches. Millions of peaches. For free. Here's how we did it and how you could do it too!
First we bought some peaches. So I guess they weren't free after all. Actually my mom bought them, so they were free to me. I want to teach you all a valuable lesson. Peaches weren't put there by a man in a factory down town, but by my mom at my grandma's.
You fill quart jars with about a half of a cup of sugar. Yum. Then you boil some water and cover the sugar. Swirl it around so the sugar dissolves. This is what makes canned peaches delicious.
Don't forget to skin the peaches. It's easiest to cut the peaches in half along the little crease all peaches have, then take the skin off. You can't cut them into fourths or little bite-sized pieces.
Put in your peaches, concave side down, then fill in the cracks with some more hot water.

Wiped the outsides or else it will be yucky-central.

Get the lids ready for gellin' by boiling then first. You have to separate the lids or they'll melt onto each other. My mom uses a fork to get the lids out, but my grandma used her hands.

Make sure your grandma gets a little upset and worried about what your mom is doing. If she's not a little worried, your peaches probably won't turn out very well because no one was monitoring you for mistakes. Also, it's kind of funny.
Put your bottles into a swell canning container pretty full of water. Keep them in this hot water bath (lid on) for 20 minutes. Shhh, the cans are sealing.
Removed carefully as contents will be hot. You can push down on the lids and the tops should stick. If they bounce back up, no sealing has taken place. You'd better stick those jars in the fridge and eat them first, or it will be super nast. Good luck!