I've recently been listening to a lot of Ingrid Michaelson, as you might be able to tell from my playlist. Her songs are simple with powerful and interesting messages. I do love myself some cheesy pop (Selena, JB, Taio Cruz, etc.) but as I've turned a little more reflective as of late Ingrid has really bolstered and enriched my life. Below are a few of my favorites (especially love the Chain), but I couldn't find my all time favorite so I'm posting the link a youtube video of Are We There Yet.


For Real

I was at the SLC airport returning from a business trip to San Deigo, when I saw Kyle Beckerman and Robbie Russell, of Real Salt Lake, entering into the baggage claim. As a huge fan I was stoked. As we waited for our thing other players appeared. I kept a running tally to my mom, "It's Beltran!" "Saborio!" "Espindola!"
We went outside to wait for our shuttle and who should be catching the same shuttle? The team! I was the last to board and there were no seats left. Up pops Betran, who offers his seat. Another player jokes, "That Tony Beltran is such a gentleman!" I plopped down next to Will Johnson. Will. Johnson.
I was dying. Dying. My face was red, I'm sure. My mom and the two ladies also on the shuttle were not so impressed. My mom explained the team to one of them. I shushed her. My stomach was in knots.
In reflection I should have said something and gotten a proper photo. I am determined to do that the next time I see someone famous. I will gather my courage and interact. They're probably nice.
You, dear reader, get my stalker photos of the even.