I'm from Alpine. I grew up there all my life. Yesterday I went back to see my mom and went for a run. I'd forgotten my city. It's idyllic. It's like Martha Stewart's Bedford. On my run I was first met, in the chilly air, by a deer who gave me a look of put apathy. I had to smile.
My town has a candy store. When I was very young it was just an outlet and we'd buy damaged candy canes and suckers. But now it's a proper boutique. Charming.
Lanes. History. Interesting things to see. That's my city. Lots for kids to do and none of it naughty. It's safe and ideal.
This is the house I hope to one day own. It's a gorgeous house with orchards and property. That's what I want - property for bees and orchards.
No seriously. This is where I grew up. Beautiful isn't it? Nestled into the mountains and with such lovely fields. Especially in the Fall.
The sky is celestial. It's facing south, toward Utah lake. And this is my neighborhood. Jealous much?
Yes, that's a camel. Our dear friends have had them for years. They just keep them.

I have been so blessed to grow up in the prettiest little corner of the world.



On Monday I decided I need to purge. Not like that. It wasn't DSM-worthy. I purged my closet. I dropped half my wardrobe on the floor. My friends picked through it and I donated the rest. When I look at my bare closet I feel relieved. I really love what's left. And I have a better idea of what to buy next. In fact, I went shopping, committing to spending a little more on thing I love that will last longer, and came away with nothing. Manifesto: I will not buy cheap things because they are cheap.
It's a psychological as well as physical exercise, getting rid of so much. You get rid of the superfluous -- the tiny details that clogged your vision from priority. I got rid of goals I felt I should have and kept the goals that truly important. I pushed the fluff aside and saw who I really am.
I'd recommend this drill. You'll feel a million times better. It's free therapy. You find out just what you don't need. You aren't weighed down by literal baggage. Let me know how it goes.


Little Laughs

My job is often very serious. But we also have our fair share of laughs. Here are some funny things that have been said in session (none of which are personal or sensitive). Enjoy!
"Fish don't have feelings. Kurt Cobain said." (Client discussing being vegetarian and eating fish.)
"The staff just let me sleep around." (Eek!)
"She is a witch who sucks out all the happiness." (Client commenting to staff about me... in other news, we've since reconciled.)
"Hey, girlfriend!" (Parent greeting me. Little odd.)
"I literally felt like crap." (Literally?)
"Her name's Grandma and she's upstairs." (Client retelling a childhood story of the paramedics coming to his house for his grandma.)
"I've been diagnosed with super-strength." (Client supposedly "messing" with peers, but he might just believe it.)