Big ol' congrats to these two crazy love birds, who've been married for a month now. Love 'em.

Dinner in White

It's like a flash mob dinner. The day of we learned the location. At the appointment time, we showed up with dinner for two, tables, chairs, and all dressed in white. And ate, and chatted, and shared desserts, and listened to a jazz band play "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)"  and "Forget You." Lovely.

It's Autumn TIme

I am taking a photography class per my resolution and I needed to complete some practice assignments. Some of the photos are practicing what I was to practice. Most are just fun. The Bronte/moor style photos were taken in the Alpine mountains, which were scarred by a forest fire. Thanks to mom and Freddie for being my excellent models.


Note to Self

"True, there are more things to be done than we do, more opportunities for service than are used. True we make mistakes. Even some of our achievements are flawed by a lack of finesse. True there are seeming flat periods in life when we may feel underwhelmed. In such situations, however, we had best get back to the basics of why we are here."--Neal A Maxwell


Observation and Suggestion

As a single person I tend to get sympathy, suggestions, and advice from people who are married. It seems reasonable that people who are married would have good ideas to help me in my quest of one day finding that special someone with whom I can spend eternity. Married people have succeeded in the quest. However, something that only recently occurred to me is this: I've got more dating experience than many and most of my married "experts." I've dated longer than they have.
I think that married people are definitely the sources for advice on good marriages. I would argue, however, that dating and being married are two very different - though connect - things. There are techniques and strategies and behaviors in dating - from expressing interest to the after-date text - that are not necessarily advisable or necessary in marriages. Likewise, many married behaviors and expectations are inappropriate or unnecessarily in dating - from financial negotiations to serious child raising. The issues are just different. You might argue that there is some overlap, which is true. I do need to work out communication and negotiate the the family and how to build a life together. However, if a married person can give me advice because of overlap, then for the same reason, I can give them advice on the issue based simply on dating. Yet that is not as common and expected.
The type of advice I require as a person in the dating world is not how to communicate with my spouse about how his mother treats me but usually along the lines of where can I meet someone to date. So, dear married people, some of your advice is helpful and I thank you. You're welcome to my advice. I thank you for the blind dates, the kind words, and the encouragement. From now on, however, I think I'm gonna ask someone who's been at it (dating) a little longer.