Call Me Maybe

This is my new favorite thing. It's Carly Rae Jepson's song "Call Me Maybe." Justin Bieber just signed her and   then this video appeared. You may recognize some faces. I love it because it's just a bunch of friends getting together and goofing off. Also I find the song slightly profound. Call me. Maybe.


Happy Birthday!

Milla came in town and had a birthday so we had a party. 

Happy Birthday, Milla!


I pursuit of a years-long dream my mom, sister, and I traveled a bazillion hours to Vernal to visit the temple. I'm trying to get to all of the Utah temples. And, while we were there, we visited my aunt (my father's sister) and my uncle who breed cows. We also dropped by Dinosaur National Park. Lovely!
The temple, converted from a tabernacle. It's gorgeous inside and out. 
My Aunt Vee and Uncle Lyle - don't worry, they're only in their 80s and still calving! 
The moms who are about to "go" any time.
The 2-day old calf whom I named "Puppy."
Jump shot with Fred and Mom
Big bone
Mom and Fred
The bones gathered in a river bed and earthquakes put it on its side.