72-Hour Kit

I searched the internet unsuccessfully to find suggestions of what to put into a 72-hour kit (something to sustain life). My ward just put new packs together so I thought I'd write out their suggestions and share them with all.

Day 1
Breakfast- oatmeal and juice box
Lunch - ramen
Dinner - canned soup (our happens to be tomato)

Day 2
Breakfast - granola bar
Lunch - applesauce and peanut butter crackers
Dinner - easy mac (flat packet, not the bowls)

Day 3
Breakfast - oatmeal and hot chocolate
Lunch - easy mac
Dinner - ramen

cookies (like granny Bs)
granola bar
fruit snacks
salt water taffy

Put it all into a one-gallon ziploc -- change things out every six months (like at Christmas and 4th of July, or at General Conference).

Write the date packed and have at least 3 gallons of water.

I put the bag into a bigger backpack (or some people put it in their backpacker backpack to store... and remove it to use the backpack). I also have a deck of cards, a solar shower (like $5 at WalMart -- heats the water and makes it come out all shower-like), rain ponchos, couple Sterno cans, toothpaste, change of clothes, one of those tinfoil looking survival blankets, fire starters, TP, some soap, and a first aid kit.



"Wow. This is so unexpected. I didn't even have a speech prepared. But I will tell you this, tardiness is not something you can do all on your own. Many people contributed to my tardiness. First, I'd like to thank my parents for never giving me a ride to school; the LA city bus drivers for takin' a chance on an unknown kid; and last, but not least, the wonderful crew at McDonald's who spend hours making those tiny egg McMuffin's without which I might never be tardy." - Travis
Travis (Breckin Meyer) and Mr. Hall (Wallace Shawn) in Clueless
I'm late to everything.