So I thought it might be interesting to write a fictional sample of the culture I hear everyday. If I took all the unique vernacular I have been exposed to, along with the misguided use of the English language, you might come up with something like the following. It can be entertaining , sometimes laughable, sometimes sad, sometimes horrifying, and it definitely rubs off at times (tight, trippin', homie). At times I find myself asking, as Professor Henry Higgins did, "Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?"

Below is a totally fictional story. Don't get caught up in the story, enjoy the words.

So, me and the homie G-Money met up with these two fools. It was all gravy. I got a ride with the homie Kevin back home. He had a sack on him and he smoked me out. I think we stopped at someone's house, though, an associate of mine. It was like 2 in the morning. The homie Kevin was totally faded and I couldn't call my parents so I decided to walk home. On my way I saw an enemy and nearly got hopped. I just took off on the quickness. I had to literally watch my back the rest of the way home. I was coming down off the tweak and fiending but I didn't have any more so I just smoked a bowl and went to sleep.


In Addition

Resolutions are normally things you want to change. I'm not sure I'm into that. I'm more into goals. These are things I want to add to my life.

This year:

1. I'll take the GRE.
2. Read the Old Testament.
3. Exercise twice a week, reevaluate, and then try to bump it up to more times per week.
4. Read more therapy books.
5. Cook meals.
6. Visit all Utah temples. (Salt Lake, Oquirrh Mtn., Draper, Mount Timp, and Provo are already checked off the list.)
7. Take a community class. (Hip hop, French, cooking, drawing, so many options!)